Firm Overview

When our law litigation firm was formed, we sought to learn from and incorporate the good things and avoid the bad things we had seen at other law firms.

Layers of administration were eliminated and overhead was slashed.

As a result, we lowered billing rates by an average of 30 percent effective the day the firm opened its doors. More significantly, because of our success in controlling overhead, we have not raised our billing rates. At this point, your lawyer, having given you the good news, would typically give you the bad news. There is no bad news. We are still not raising our billing rates.

Our efficiency also allows us to offer clients some of the most favorable billing policies in the industry. We offer our clients representation that includes free attorney travel time, a policy we believe to be unique. We do not use disbursements, i.e. copying, long distance telephone, etc., as a profit center. We provide on-line access to databases at no charge.

We provide wide net alerts, at no charge to keep our clients apprised of breaking news that is significant to their business.

We provide seminars to our clients and their staff on legal and technical matters at no charge. We provide “hot line” access to our attorneys, at no charge, for advice on matters we are not handling.

Of greater importance than the financial aspects of the legal representation, is the quality of that representation.

Our philosophy is to determine, at the very outset, what result is most desirable, i.e., what does winning mean in the context of an individual case, and then, with you, map a strategy to achieve that result. We believe the best way to bring that result about is to communicate to opposing counsel from the very first day that the case is being prepared for trial. Experience proves this results in the best settlements, as well as more dismissals and favorable summary judgment decisions. And, not insignificantly, it results in a case that is fully and completely ready to be tried.

None of this is achievable however, unless opposing counsel knows, not believes, but knows, that counsel representing you is absolutely, positively ready, willing and able to try the case to verdict. In this regard, we stands alone. During one twelve-month period, we concluded eleven jury trials ranging from three days to eight weeks. We have tried the only full-blown punitive damages case against a major air carrier, resulting in an unanimous verdict against punitive damages. In fact, we did it twice, once for seven weeks in 1994-95, and again for eight weeks in 1997.

Both cases resulted in sending the message to opposing counsel that our clients will settle for full, fair and complete compensatory damages, but will not pay inflated settlements or have punitive amounts extorted through the threat of a trial. Obviously the message is getting through.

After the trial of the first case, virtually every jury verdict on damages was for less than we offered to settle for prior to trial.

As to the recent trial, every case has been settled without any damages trials.

While other lawyers in the United States can certainly try lawsuits, no law firm in the United States brings the experience, resources, relationships and background to the task of us. Moreover, we bring the same quality resources and skills to the simplest case, as we do to the management of a large number of cases.

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